Valhalla Rising

by Tayreeb


Available on Soundcloud:

Mix by Onelight

Tayreeb "1,2,3... Sun" [2008]
Tayreeb "Pleasure" [2012]
Tayreeb "AOC" [2009]
Benny Tones "Nevermind (Tayreeb Remix)" [2012]
Boom Clap Bachelors "Hvor Vi Henne (Tayreeb Rmx)" [2009]
Jalley "With The Moon (Tayreeb Remix)" [2011]
Hocus Pocus "Voyage Immobile (Tayreeb Remix)" [2008]
Tromaes feat. Dasuun & Yellow "Xlrz" (Prod. Tayreeb) [2010]
D3CCPT feat. Guilty Simpson "Psycho (Guncheck)" (Prod. Tayreeb) [2008]
Artik feat. Alpha Wann "Respecte Ça" (Prod. Tayreeb) [2012]
Dany Dan -"Briquets et Portables (Tayreeb Remix)" [2011]
Beatease Concept feat. Two Tungs "You Do You (Tayreeb Remix)" [2011]
L'Entourage "Fume Cette Merde (Tayreeb Remix)" [2012]
Dany Dan "Comme des Crabes (Tayreeb Remix)" [2011]
D3CCPT "Feel The Funk" (Prod. Tayreeb) [2008]
Platinum Pied Pipers "On A Cloud (Tayreeb Remix)" [2008]
Jazzanova feat. Ben Westbeech "I Can See (Tayreeb Remix)" [2008]
Kenna "Say Goodbye To Love (Tayreeb Remix)" [2009]


released April 6, 2013

All tracks are produced by Tayreeb



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